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The partnership with Core Recruit has been the basis of our success locally. We managed to build an extraordinary team with professionals identified exclusively by Core Recruit. The commitment, promptness and flexibility with which they approach the collaboration with clients are irreproachable.

Daniel Bejan

Head of Romania Office


From the beginning, BoatyardX chose to collaborate with Core Recruit for the expansion of the company in Romania. I constantly challenged them with roles that required a high level of training both in terms of tech-skills and soft-skills. They never disappointed. They showed us that they use a rigorous recruitment process and managed to present us with an interesting pool of candidates from which we always managed to choose our future colleagues. We are happy to have them close in the years to come.

Sorin Bob

General Manager


Since we have started the collaboration with Core-recruit we have noticed the promptitude and willingness to understand our needs in every single detail.

They are very dedicated and every position opened by us was treated with professionalism and in a proactive manner.

Their recommendations have helped us to find the right candidates and make the right decisions during the recruiting process.

We are very pleased with the result of their work and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Core Recruit.

George Toman



Core-Recruit is the team that listens, asks thoughtful questions and seeks to understand any particular need. They care a lot about the people and so do we.

Our collaboration is based on trust and shared desire to make a great impact in the Recruitment process.

Together with passion, know-how, and excelent communication skills, Core-Recruit brings a great contribution to our endeavour of

growing a company like Mindera in Romania.

Octavia Tiriac

Recruitment Specialist


It all started with the confidence that the Core Recruit team will deliver us developers of very good quality, suitable for our projects and clients.

In an environment where change is a 'default', they successfully, through professionalism and transparency, managed even the delicate situations that sometimes arise.

Florin Dradiciu



The collaboration with the Core Recruit is based on flexibility and speed in the delivery. They quickly understand our requirements, even if some are more niche, and have always managed to attract and present very good candidates - shortening our recruitment process. We enjoy the existing partnership and appreciate the high quality services offered!

Ciprian Deak

HR Manager

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We thank the  Core Recruit team, which was with us from the first minute of our start-up project.

Core Recruit knew the type and profile of the candidate we were looking for, and as proof, the recruited candidates are the core members of our team.

The statement "we recommend Core Recruit" does not really show the effort, the involvement, the added value that these people bring with their expertise and know-how in the recruitment and training of the human factor.

THE HUMAN - is a resource, not a cost!

Core Recruit - simply the BEST!

Daniel Avram



We love collaborating with Core Recruit: they quickly understood our needs, promptly proposed candidates suitable for the profile we wanted, and this helped us shorten and ease the recruitment process. They are involved and efficient, that's why I recommend them with confidence.

Sergiu Cobirzan



The collaboration with Core Recruit was successful from the very beginning. Over time we worked together on blue collar recruitment projects. At Core Recruit, I appreciate the professionalism, the special involvement and at the same time the creativity in finding new recruitment solutions.

Carmen Calin

Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager


I had the great pleasure of collaborating with  Core Recruit  and I had a pleasant experience. They showed seriousness, professionalism   and promptness. They easily understood the candidate's profile and found the right person who brought added value to our company.

I recommend Core Recruit to all companies that want to gain reliable employees.

Simona Ilyes

HR Manager


In every recruitment process carried out in collaboration with Core Recruit, I appreciated the excellent communication, the ability to understand and anticipate the needs of our organization, but above all, the fact that we obtained exactly the desired results.  

Due to the professionalism and enthusiasm with which the Core Recruit team understands how to do their job, they have become for us more than a provider of specialized services, namely, a reliable partner.

Andrei Hasna



We turned to Core Recruit to find the right person for our store. The collaboration went flawlessly. In a short time I received the candidates' profile for a first evaluation, conducted the interviews and finalized with an employment. They offered me suitable candidates, according to the elaborated profile, which greatly shortened the recruitment process. I recommend them with confidence and will definitely use their services in the future!  

Ramona Vecean



Our company has successfully collaborated with CORE RECRUIT, this being our partner in the recruitment of employees. The recruitments were carried out promptly, professionally and within the terms assumed according to the concluded contract. The above mentioned are solid reasons for us to recommend the company CORE RECRUIT for selection and recruitment services.

Ada Zerghea

Office Manager


InflectionPoint has been collaborating with Core-Recruit to look for profiles with very niche skill-sets that are hard to find and we have been pleasantly surprised at the speed and promptness with which Core-Recruit has been able to deliver quality candidates. We at InflectionPoint look forward to continue collaborating with Core-Recruit's team.

Pushkar Chatterji


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