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Core Recruit is a new company specialized in recruitment and selection services, consulting, evaluation and training for companies looking for the perfect candidate, as well as counseling this candidate in the continuous process of finding the ideal employer. We are a team with extensive experience, dynamic, we constantly take the pulse of the market and we are motivated by the standards imposed by our customers. Therefore, we can find the right candidates so that with their help and together with them, the company can carry out its activity in the best conditions.

Why us?

  • Core Recruit has a talent set with high qualification and specialization in the field, based on recommendations and successful partnerships.

  • We have a 100% completion rate for each open position.

  • We best understand the needs of our partners and, based on the type of activity, we select the best candidates.

  • While other companies will wait for candidates to apply on the classic recruitment platforms, we will actively look for the most suitable candidate, both in their professional and personal environment, thus creating a competitive advantage.

  • We are not a supplier, but an extension of your business, one that ensures  that  you will stand out  when it comes to hiring the best talent on the market.